Operational simulations

Manulogix uses Tecnomatix Plant Simulation® software to simulate manufacturing facilities and other operational systems. Simulation is the emulation of a real life system in a model that you can use to experiment with. The results from the simulation should enable you to plan, construct, operate and manage the real life system more effectively. Simulation can be used to:
  • Determine and optimise the product throughput.
  • Determine the plant dimensioning.
  • Determine the performance limits.
  • Investigate the influence of failures.
  • Determine manpower requirements.
  • Gain knowledge about the behaviour of the facility when key parameters are changed.
  • Determine suitable control strategies.
  • Evaluate different alternatives.
  • Optimise the sequence of orders.
  • Investigate the influence of adding new capacity and equipment.
  • Train the machine operators in the different states of the facility.
  • Identify and alleviate bottlenecks to increase throughput.
  • Increase resource utilization.
  • Increase utilization of the factory.
  • Determine optimal buffer sizes.
  • Determine the number of transporters and work piece carriers.
  • Determine optimal production schedules and sequences.
  • Validate process design during the planning process, thus significantly reducing downtime and material waste.
  • Reduce work in progress (WIP).
  • Evaluate the feasibility of capital investments.
  • Evaluate the impact of changes in processes.
  • Optimise control strategies.
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