Factory layout and design

Production facilities are capital intensive investments that need to be carefully designed in order to support the strategic goals of an enterprise. When a new facility needs to be constructed or when an existing facility must be upgraded, Manulogix offer services that will:
  • Determine the most suitable manufacturing process for the chosen products,
  • Determine the best possible location of the facility taking into consideration the distance from the markets, geographical constraints, availability and reliability of utilities, existing infrastructure, logistics, and the supply routes of raw materials and standard parts,
  • Determine the required building size and type of construction,
  • Specify the most suitable equipment needed for the production process,
  • Determine the most effective equipment layout,
  • Determine the size and location of operational buffers,
  • Determine the material handling requirements (fork lifts, trolleys, cranes, conveyers etc.)
  • Determine the human resource requirements in terms of number of workers and skill levels,
  • Specify the required facilities for human resources such as offices, lighting, air conditioning, canteens, ablution, recreational spaces, etc.
  • Determine size and location of inventory stores,
  • Determine computer, internet and automation requirements,
  • Specify materials resource planning (MRP) and scheduling requirements,
  • Determine the utilities requirements (steam, electricity, water, gas, etc.) and whether back-up sources would be required,
  • Determine the logistical support requirements (garages for delivery trucks, maintenance workshops, parking and docking areas, internet server rooms etc.)
  • Determine ergonomic and safety requirements,
  • Minimise capital and operational costs without compromising the required product quality and throughput,
  • Liaise with civil, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, information technology (IT) and other disciplines to ensure that a complete and integrated design package is developed for construction.

CAD drawing of manufacturing floor layout

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